Multiple grids on one page, select all checkbox problem


If you put more than one grid on a page and use the headers checkbox to select all the checkboxes in the grid, it selects all the checkboxes from all grids on the page.
Edit GridViewJS.js and replace __CheckAll(me) with this:
function __CheckAll(me) {
var index = me.name.indexOf('_HeaderButton');
var prefix = me.name.substr(0, index);
for (i = 0; i < document.forms[0].length; i++) {
    var o = document.forms[0][i];
    if (o.type == 'checkbox') {
        if (me.name != o.name) {
            if (o.id.substring(0, prefix.length) == prefix || o.name.substring(0, prefix.length) == prefix) {
                // Must be this way
                o.checked = !me.checked;
ASP.Net has some oddities with id and name. Going ahead and checking both for the prefix.