Extra Column(s) in Paging Results Last Page


Hi there,
Firstly, thank you for this Extended Gridview, it has a few features that I was really looking forward to. I have stumbled across a bug though; well I'm not sure if I'm the right person to diagnose it as a bug. There may be a reason it has to work this way. The problem happens with the extra rows added to the final page of paging results. If you have a hidden column set to visible=False, whatever mechanism is creating the empty rows does not know to ignore the hidden column(s), and will still create a column for that field.
So, what you end up with are your natural results in the top of the gridview, with the correct number of columns present, and the filler rows have one extra column protruding from the right edge of the table.
I've attached a screenshot of the table with the table cells outlined in orange to display the problem visually.

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