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ContextMenu;Xgrid and Master Pages

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Nov 20, 2006 at 1:25 PM
Firstly let me say thast as I am fairly new to .NET, I've found the Xgrid feature great and is really going to make a huge difference for me, but occasionally I get very frustrated with it.
For example:-
1. I am using Master and Content pages and have downloaded the latest dll. I've found that when the ContextmenuId is set in the Xgrid property, it works fine once, but as soon as some design changes are made to Xgrid, the fully qualified property name e.g. "Content1ContextMenu1" appears (instead of the original "ContextMenu1"). This stops the right-click from functioning. Only by going back to the source and editing the asp tag to remove "Content1" does normal working reoccur. Any thoughts?

2. How can I control the placement of the Context menu. Depending on where the pointer is on the Xgrid when right-click is used, the Context menu goes to the left, sometimes BEHIND the main column of menu items. It certainly doesn't stick very close to the pointer.

Any advice, help will be very gratefully received as these features will help a very-hard pressed developer.
Many thanks